Climate-controlled storage at LockBox Self Storage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem Climate-Controlled Storage

Let’s face it. The chilly winters and hot, humid summers in Winston-Salem, NC, can be brutal on your delicate items. When you choose a climate-controlled storage unit at LockBox Self Storage, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable belongings are being kept at a steady temperature and humidity setting. With our climate-controlled units, your belongings are kept in a consistent environment to help ensure their longevity. A climate-controlled unit at LockBox Self Storage does more than just provide a controlled environment for your temperature-sensitive belongings. It also makes visiting your storage unit on hot and cold days more comfortable.

Why Choose Climate Control?

Climate-controlled storage is a great option when you’re looking to store belongings like antiques, important documents, electronics, leather furniture, and photos. Our climate-controlled storage options at LockBox Self Storage offer you the ideal solution for items that require a bit more attention. If you’re a commercial client looking to free up some space in your crowded office, our climate-controlled storage may be best for you. Documents that are exposed to the elements even in an enclosed space risk damage from dramatic temperature changes. 

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